Real Krav Maga

Made For Real People

Real Krav Maga

Made for Real People

Krav Maga
Train the best self defense fighting system in the world.
Tactical Shooting
The best shooting program for beginners and advanced shooters.
Get into the BEST shape of your life! Burn 600 Calories.
Perfect Price
$130/m | Open Ended | No Contract | No Fees

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The Stats Don’t Lie…

Neither Should You. It’s Time For You To Start Training.

  • Assaults That Involve Weapons 96%
  • Amount Of People Robbed In Their Lifetime 50%
  • Women Can Expect To Be Assaulted or Raped In Their Lifetime 33%
  • Convicted Criminals Are Back On The Street In Less Then 12 Months 60%
  • Of Violent Criminals Are Ever Caught 50%
  • 80% Of All Sexual Offenders Committed Their Crimes Against Children Or Teanagers 80%
  • An Increase Of 47% of Registered Sex Offenders In The Last 3 Years 47%
The All In One Stop For Self Defense

Hand to Hand Fighting
Contact Weapons (knives, bats, etc)

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are the best self defense option available. Period. If you don’t think so after trying us, we will give you back your money. Guaranteed.

You Become The Hero

Don’t train only to protect yourself but train to protect your family, friends, and people in need. Time to step up and be the hero.



Krav Maga is a great self defense class which teaches you how to defend yourself in real life situations

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“The best place you can attend to do Krav Maga.”
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“I would highly recommend training in krav maga to anyone interested in learning self defense – especially women”
Kim N, Yelp!

“The best gym in the world.”
Jeff C, Yelp!

“stop reading reviews and go train!”
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“If you have been a victim of a crime, or know someone that has been subject to a crime this training can make a world of difference in their recovery.”
Alecia K, Yelp!